Sahih Bukhari | Volume 3 | Hadith Number 888

Narrated by Ubai bin Kab
Allah's Apostle said, "Moses the Apostle of Allah," and then he narrated the whole story about him. Al-Khadir said to Moses, "Did not I tell you that you can have no patience with me." (18:72). Moses then violated the agreement for the first time because of forgetfulness, then Moses promised that if he asked Al-Khadir about anything, the latter would have the right to desert him. Moses abided by that condition and on the third occasion he intentionally asked Al-Khadir and caused that condition to be applied. The three occasions referred to above are referred to by the following Verses:

Call me not to account for forgetting And be not hard upon me." (18:73) "Then they met a boy and Khadir killed him." (18:74)

Then they proceeded and found a wall which was on the verge of falling and Khadir set it up straight." (18:77)