Sahih Bukhari | Volume 6 | Hadith Number 427

Narrated by Zaid bin Arqam
While I was with my uncle, I heard 'Abdullah bin Ubai bin Salul saying, "Do not spend on those who are with Allah's Apostle, that they may disperse and go away (from him). And if we return to Medina, surely, the more honourable will expel there-from the meaner. "I mentioned that to my uncle who, in turn, mentioned it to the Prophet. The Prophet called me and I told him about that. Then he sent for 'Abdullah bin Ubai and his

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companions, and they swore that they did not say so. The Prophet disbelieved my statement and believed theirs. I was distressed as I have never been before, and I remained in my house. My uncle said to me, "You just wanted the Prophet to consider you a liar and hate you." Then Allah revealed:

'When the hypocrites come to you, they say: 'We bear witness that you are indeed the Apostle of Allah." (63:1) So the Prophet sent for me and recited it and said, "Allah has confirmed your statement."