Sahih Bukhari | Volume 8 | Hadith Number 204

Narrated by Anas bin Malik
That he and Abu Talha were coming in the company of the Prophet towards Medina), while Safiya (the Prophet's wife) was riding behind him on his she-camel. After they had covered a portion of the way suddenly the foot of the she-camel slipped and both the Prophet and the woman (i.e., his wife, Safiya) fell down. Abu Talha jumped quickly off his camel and came to the Prophet (saying.) "O Allah's Apostle! Let Allah sacrifice me for you! Have you received any injury?" The Prophet said, "No, but take care of the woman (my wife)." Abu Talha covered his face with his garment and went towards her and threw his garment over her. Then the woman got up and Abu Talha prepared their she camel (by tightening its saddle, etc.) and both of them (the Prophet and Safiya) mounted it. Then all of them proceeded and when they approached near Medina, or saw Medina, the Prophet said, "Ayibun,' abidun, taibun, liRabbina hamidun (We are coming back (to Medina) with repentance, worshipping (our Lord) and celebrating His (our Lord's) praises". The Prophet continued repeating these words till he entered the city of Medina.