Sahih Muslim | Book 1 | Hadith Number 304

Narrated by Jabir b. 'Abdullah al-Ansari
Jabir b. 'Abdullah al-Ansari who was one of the Companions of the Messenger of Allah(may peace be upon him) reported The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) told about the intermission of revelation and narrated While I was walking I heard a voice from the sky, and raising my head I saw the angel who had come to me in Hira', sitting on a Throne between heaven and earth I was terror-stricken on that account and came back (to my family) and said: Wrap me up, wrap me up ! So they wrapped me up, and the Blessed and Most Exalted Allah sent down: "You who are shrouded, arise and deliver warning, your Lord magnify, your clothes cleanse, and defilement shun," and "defilement" means idols; and then the revelation was followed continuously.