Sahih Muslim | Book 10 | Hadith Number 3791

Narrated by Hudhaifa (Allah be pleased with him)
Hudhaifa (Allah be pleased with him) reported: A servant from amongst the servants of Allah was brought to Him whom Allah had endowed with riches. He (Allah) said to him: What (did you do) in the world? (They cannot conceal anything from Allah) He (the person) said: O my Lord, You endowed me with Your riches. I used to enter into transactions with people. It was my nature to be lenient to (my debtors). I showed leniency to the solvent and gave respite to the insolvent, whereupon Allah said: I have more right than you to do this to connive at My servant. 'Uqba b. 'Amir al-Juhani and Abu Mas'ud said: This is what we heard from Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him).