Sahih Muslim | Book 11 | Hadith Number 3935

Narrated by Jabir b. 'Abdullah
Jabir b. 'Abdullah (Allah be pleased with him)reported: Whilo I was ill Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) came to me and found me unconscious. He(the Holy Prophet) performed ablution, and sprinkled over me the water of his ablution. I regained my consciousness and said: Allah's Messenger, my case of inheritance is that of Kalala. Then the verse pertaining to the inheritance (of Kalala) was revealed. I (one of the narrators) said: I said to Muhammad b. Munkadir: (Do you mean this verse) "They ask you ; say: Allah gives you decision in regard to Kalala" (iv. 177)? He said: Yes, it was thus revealed.